JR News

香港JR設計 HK JR Design-武漢項目匯報
october 19thour design team went to wuhan yongtongchang and nande group project to conduct project inspection and report; with the purpose of exc..
香港JR設計 HK JR Design-武漢項目設計
wuhan is a city of heroes! after the pandemic, great development has also come! wuhan and jr have a close relationship! this time, our company..
香港JR設計 HK JR Design-JR承擔淮安洪澤湖文旅康養小鎮概念規劃設計
jr hong kong undertakes the conceptual planning and design of the 300-acre hongze lake cultural, creative and healthy town in huai'an, jiangs..
香港JR設計 HK JR Design-河南開封項目
the henan kaifeng project designed by hong kong jr shows the glory and cultural heritage of kaifeng in the ancient times! this project is a larg..
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